Rendezvous is a client for DataShare (project page).   Rendezvous is written in Java, uses a client-server architecture, and allows users to collaborate over network connections using several provided 'functions', with the provision for supporting custom functions.  Examples of the functions are Chat and AudioVideo Conferencing. 
Rendezvous requires a server, provided by the DataShare server, and also requires some of the DataShare code when it is compiled and run.  I hope to add a HowTo section soon that will explain more of the details on installing and running this code, and also how it works internally.  The following link will let you try out Rendezvous (it automatically puts you in a Session named testSession)...

Sorry, lost our server temporarily, Rendezvous links won't work...(12-22-2002)

Rendezvous and DataShare were created as components of the KnowledgeKinetics™ (K2) tool suite, and were subsequently moved into the open source world (they are both still used and maintained by the KnowledgeKinetics™ team). 

KnowledgeKinetics™ is a suite of enterprise tools that help unify, automate, and manage your business.  KnowledgeKinetics™ enables sharing of information, recording and enforcing business rules and processes, and collaboration of geographically separated team members. KnowledgeKinetics™ integrates human experts, their tools, resources, and knowledge to meet the ultimate goals of developing better products, faster and cheaper than ever before.   Please visit the K2 website for more information.  A demonstration of its capabilities  can be arranged (you will be impressed!).

Rendezvous has a new look now (January 31, 2002).   The images on this page reflect the new look. 

Note that the audio/video feature requires that you download and install the JMF from Sun before you can send images from your camera.  We have not tested a lot of configurations, so I am not sure how well Audio/Video will work if you do not install the JMF.  Even without the JMF installed on your machine, there are lots of other features to try!

For the code repository, feature requests, bug reporting, etc., go to the Rendezvous project page at SourceForge.

Due to a quirk in WebStart, it sometimes says that my jar files are unsigned and won't let you run Rendezvous.  I am including this link that will let you run Rendezvous as an applet

Sorry, lost our server temporarily, Rendezvous links won't work...(12-22-2002)

using Sun's 1.3 plug-in.  If you don't have the plug-in, it will prompt you to get it.  The disadvantage of doing this is you must stay on that web page to stay in Rendezvous.  If you leave the page, the security conscious 1.3 plug-in will stop the applet (disconnects you from the DataShare server!).


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