Rendezvous command line parameters:

fheight int desired initial height of frame (default is 480)
fwidth int desired initial width of frame (default is 640)
server String a reference to the DataShare server machine, MUST be supplied as application, ignored as Applet
port int sets the commandStatusPort number that will be used by clients to connect to the server, usually set
desktop boolean supply 'true' only if run from K2 Desktop application
image String optional image to put on our initial Applet (default Kklogo1.gif))
userName String The system username for our user, (user prompted if not provided)
verbose boolean true for verbose console outputs, false to limit console printing
runInBrowserPage boolean applies only when run as applet,true puts gui on page,false put gui in external Frame
userFullName String The users real name (not used)
userID String The system ID that uniquely identifies this user (not used)
enterpriseID String The enterprise ID that uniquely identifies the users enterprise (not used)
sessionName String A session by this name will be joined after startup (if found)
displayFullInfo boolean if 'true', client's IP, OS, etc. can be displayed